Litter Robots for cats

Litter Robots for cats

Do you have pet cat at home? Are you worried litter being tracked onto the floors daily? NOT to worry, your work is made easy by Litter-Robots!

Litter Robots is a specially designed, automatic self-cleaning litter box for cats. This box is designed in such way that the litter is collected in a separate waste drawer and eliminates odour.

How does it work?

The litter-robot has a weight-sensor which detects when the cat enters or moves out of the unit. The weight sensor detects if the cat is more than 5 pounds in the unit. When the cat enters the unit, a seven-minute timer counts starts and collects the litter before the cleaning starts.

Right Size for the Cat:

The litter-robot has been specially designed for the right size of the cat to sit comfortably and safely inside the globe.

The litter- robot comes with user guide and manuals for better understanding.


Maintenance is easy and does not need to be frequent. If you have a single cat at home, the waste drawer can be emptied once between 7 to 10 days. If you have more cats, then it must be cleaned more often.

Kitchen garbage bags, grocery bags, litter-robot custom-made bags, and biodegradable waste liners can be fitted to the waste drawers.

Advantage of Litter-Robots:

  • Litter boxes need not be cleaned on a daily basis by scooping as this litter-robot does the cleaning work automatically.
  • No special chemicals or waste bags.
  • No worry about litter odour.
  • Safe and comfortable for cats.
  • Environmentally and Eco-friendly.
  • Quality of the appliance is superior and durable.
  • Saves money by using few resources.
  • Comes with guarantee and warranty for the unit.


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